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Real people, real lives


Whether you’re selling your business, passing it on to family or your business partners, we’re here to help you take the next step. At Shirlaws we love the journey.


Your next chapter

Exiting your business is a massive moment for most people. It can bring up a lot of emotion as often your business is so much of your life. And there are so many important considerations.

For some exiting the business means the complete sale to an external party. For others it is succession planning – handing it on to the family or business partners. Either way all the same considerations are in play – who do you sell to? When? Maximising the valuation? Funding the exit? What do to next with one’s life? How to manage the wealth and look after the children?

At Shirlaws we specialise in this area. Our Assay teams help business owners understand, plan and transact and our team at Sequent help families with the next stage of your life, making your wealth work for you and provide the lifestyle you worked so hard for.

A different approach

Most businesses focus purely on increasing profits in order to increase their valuation.

For business owners considering an exit, the Assay proprietary methodology increases the value of businesses by focusing on the valuation multiple in the valuation formula: valuation = profit x multiple.

“3m was added to the sale value of the business purely by increasing the multiple from 6.4 to 8.6”

We specialise in maximising the value of businesses by getting investors or acquirers to value your business from a strategic perspective, creating a multiple uplift, as opposed to treating their assessment as a simple financial transaction.

“a travel and events company was making 300k profit and ready to sell for 900k, after working with them for 11 months they sold for 11m without increasing either their revenue or profit”

Our global corporate finance teams combine experience of owning and running a business with the process of maximising equity value for middle market business owners.

Contact us to find out how our unique methodology can maximise the returns for your life’s work.

Sell the business, secure your future

Assay Advisory helps you gain the highest valuation and plan for the sale of your business.

We help you gain access to funding and ensure you sell at the right level by focusing on the valuation multiple.


Helping you learn to switch to a portfolio mentality and become a sophisticated investor.

Whatever stage of the business journey you are on, Shirlaws can help you.   Get in touch

Find an Exit specialist

Whether you are looking for a sale or advice on succession planning, our team of Exit specialists will help you gain the highest valuation, allowing you to enjoy your life’s work.

Find out more

When is the best time to exit?

Peter Harford, Group Partner of Shirlaws writes, “When you’re looking to sell the business how do you know if it’s a good or bad time? If you understand the jump cycles, then you can work out the best time to exit as part of your business vision.”

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