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Real people, real lives


Our ambition is to transform private enterprise and entrepreneurship into a new engine of sustainable economic growth, providing funding and a system to fast track SME growth.


Founder to Founder: Funding the gap

We provide entrepreneurial investment between 250k and 2.5m, not currently supported by traditional private equity, VCs or Angel Investment.

We understand that successful investment is more than financial re-engineering and providing oversight by sitting on a board. We offer a refreshingly agile and a more accessible approach to funding.

  • We work with you to ensure your business is investor ready

  • We get aligned around a clear exit vision for your business

  • We support the implementation of an equity enhancement system into your business

  • We provide day-to-day practical support to the business owner or CEO

The origins of our funding come from Founders and Entrepreneurs, just like you, who have grown, funded and exited their own businesses, so fully understand the challenges and pitfalls you face.

Shirlaws understands the Private Enterprise Market

Since 1999, Shirlaws has worked with over 10,000 clients in the Private Enterprise space, across all sectors. We understand the opportunities and challenges they face when growing their business, we understand their aspirations and fears, and above all, unlike traditional investors, we speak the same language.

Looking for investment between 250k and 2.5m? Shirlaws can help. Get in touch

Entrepreneurial money. Captains of Industry

Our fund is designed for “Captains of Industry” looking for “what’s next” on their journey. Having built and exited their own businesses, they are passing their knowledge to the next generation.

Our unique approach to working with SMEs in advance, offers access to off-market investments with an increased confidence of success.

Get in touch for more information on becoming an Investor.

The Shirlaws Fund: Founder to Founder

Demand for Private Enterprise funding is huge.

Thousands of businesses with annual revenues between 250k and 17m are ready to “Jump” with funding and support.

Shirlaws provides a unique, lower risk opportunity to access these high growth organisations, via a portfolio of investments in the fast growth stage of the business life cycle.

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By understanding the mathematics behind your business, having a crystal clear vision of where you want to get to and then knowing much to invest will help you scale, jump, leap to heights you perhaps didn’t think you would ever achieve.

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