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Leadership and Culture in Uncertain Times

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Leadership and Culture in Uncertain Times


Leadership in the 21st Century is a different prospect to what it was like in the growth cycles of the 1980s and 1990s. In the Western world, we have already seen a Double-Dip Recession in the last 10 years and many businesses and business owners have been affected by this, both financially and energetically, but Shirlaws are here to help.

According to the Economic Clock that outlines where we are in an economic cycle at any given time, we are now at approximately 8.45, which signifies hesitant, uneven, recovery. This sets the scene of growth against the backdrop of a volatile political and economic climate, combined with rapid technological development. This, alongside many other factors, creates an environment of ‘uncertainty’, meaning that leaders, more than ever, need strong leadership skills to steer their teams to success.

“Train your employees so they will leave. Treat them well so they won’t.”

Richard Branson

Our programme of Leadership and Culture in Uncertain Times has been devised as a methodology to help SMEs and private enterprises grow and scale their businesses by implementing culture as a strategic asset. The programme started with our two-day conference back in May 2017, and reacting to the feedback we received, we are now delivering a series of follow-up blogs to provide real value for you and your business through insights, tips and case studies.

Over the course of nine blog articles, you will begin to gain strategic and tactical insight on how to grow a business in uncertain times by tapping into the opportunities provided by your human capital – acknowledging the need to value and reskill people in response to the changes taking place in society, especially in relation to technology.

Talking tangibles, the systemic development and documentation of your Talent, Capability and Culture strategies, as well as your Management Team can considerably improve the valuation of your company above the industry benchmark. This is a critical and fundamental point of the programme as culture only adds value when incorporated alongside/inside your other business systems.

One of the core skills of a Management Team is to manage and lead people in the organisation and this means ensuring that the organisation has the best and most capable talent and that the culture of the organisation supports the ongoing attraction, development and retention of everyone who makes a choice to work in the organisation.

With our help, you will learn more about Leading in Uncertain Times, whilst working out the potential ROI of investing in/nurturing your culture and, conversely, what the Cost of Inaction of not paying attention to and creating the best culture will be for your organisation (just look at Uber).

The nine individual topics that will be presented by experts in their fields are as follows:

  1. Leading from the Inside Out
  2. Business Vision and Brand Promise
  3. Culture as a Strategic Asset
  4. Organisational Design
  5. Developing Talent in the Workplace
  6. Motivation, Engagement and Work/Life Balance
  7. The Six Leadership Styles and When to Use Them
  8. Attracting Talent in Today’s Market
  9. 5 Generations in the Workplace

While reading these blogs will undoubtedly provide you with a level of value and insight, speaking to one of our coaches directly will enable you to take a deeper look at your business and identify solutions that specifically meet the context under which you are operating. Follow one of the next steps below to see how best to do that.

Next Steps

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