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Shirlaws teams up with Skyscanner and Shoal to create CRUX learning programme

Shirlaws Group

Shirlaws teams up with Skyscanner and Shoal to create CRUX learning programme


Our very own Rebecca Bonnington has teamed up with travel comparison website Skyscanner and Scottish tech platform Shoal to develop a knowledge sharing forum in Edinburgh called CRUX. The six-month programme starts on October 25 and will give Scottish start-ups the chance to work collaboratively and learn from some top industry experts.

Who’s involved?

Shoal – Connects communities together; freelancers, start-ups and small business owners by creating a reliable network of people to work with and places to work from.

Skyscanner – Skyscanner has grown from an idea on a beer mat and a spare-room start-up to a £1.4bn international tech giant and is one of the world’s most recognised travel fare aggregators.

Shirlaws Group – Rebecca Bonnington is one of our newest coaches and is keen to establish her credentials with the entrepreneurial community in central Scotland and beyond.

The programme

The exclusive, knowledge sharing programme will include one two-hour session a month for six months and is aimed at ambitious companies wanting to accelerate their growth. 50 businesses will gain first-hand experience of learning from Scotland’s best and each session will cover a specific topic designed to help businesses improve operationally, whilst also striving for sustainable growth.

The first hour of each session will consist of business coaching from Rebecca Bonnington, who will talk through the various stages of growth to demonstrate the frameworks you need to implement in your business in order for it to grow. This will be followed up by an hour of topic related learnings and insights from a member of Skyscanner’s leadership team.

The programme also represents incredibly good value for money, being priced at only £150, or £40 for an individual session. Not only that, but all of the money raised through ticket sales will be donated to the charity Code Your Future, which is a “coding school for refugees”.

What they’ve said

Rebecca Bonnington said, “It’s our intention that the attendees gain practical ways to structure their businesses in order to grow. The simplicity of the Shirlaws frameworks makes them invaluable assets for early stage businesses, right up to large corporates. I have been consistently impressed with the way business owners and their teams have grasped the frameworks and used them to grow their businesses in a relatively short space of time. CRUX is there to boost that growth journey and give the business owners confidence to grow.”

Rebecca’s also passionate about this new initiative being an opportunity for her to give back to the community, “I am very lucky to have a decent roof over my head, a healthy family and security, but I am acutely aware that not everyone in the world is so well placed. Providing my expertise to support growing businesses is something I can do for free and the fact that the CRUX initiative is giving all proceeds to charity makes it hugely worthwhile.”

CEO and co-founder of Skyscanner, Gareth Williams shares that sentiment saying, “Sharing successes and failures has always been a key strength of Scotland’s flourishing start up community. We’re delighted to share the learnings and growing pains we at Skyscanner have experienced over the past 14 years through the CRUX knowledge sharing forum.”

Unsurprisingly, Michael Cockburn, co-founder of Shoal was keen to emphasise the importance of connecting people together, “We strongly believe in the power of collaboration to create new opportunities and are very excited to be able to deliver this truly unique training programme to Scottish businesses.”

To sign up for the CRUX programme, please click here.

Shirlaws Group