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What Does Infrastructure Mean in Your Business?

Rebecca Bonnington

What Does Infrastructure Mean in Your Business?


There are so many words in business that don’t mean a great deal until you begin to unpack them and relate them to your own business.

When the concept of Infrastructure as a system in a business was first highlighted to me, I immediately pictured large factories, ship building yards and weaving looms.  Maybe that tells you more about my upbringing in Manchester than Infrastructure!

Since working with Shirlaws however, I now understand that Infrastructure comprises of the RED in the RED, BLACK and BLUE part of our four systems (we will cover the fourth system: Culture in Session One of the CIRCLE Programme).  In the second session of the CIRCLE Programme you’ll learn how to use the red system to free you up as a business owner to work on your business instead of in it.

At Shirlaws, we see the Infrastructure of your business as its life blood, which is why its coded in red.  When your finance, IT, HR, admin, legal and other core functions of the business are clearly defined, expertly delegated and delivered with full responsibility and accountability by people other than yourself, you are finally free to develop other areas of your business and grow it.  In other words, you’ll stop typing up invoices, changing light bulbs and doing the back reconciliation and finally start developing the new product, service or markets you’ve been thinking about for months or even years.

Functionality, an element of Infrastructure, is one of the foundation frameworks we use at Shirlaws.  It gives you a clear reference point for making decisions about who ought to take responsibility and accountability for certain aspects of your business.  Yes, this will mean letting go of some things and we’ll guide you through how to do that in the most effective way.  Once you’ve implemented Functionality, you’ll have the right people in the right roles doing the right jobs and you’ll finally have time to focus on the things you’ve been wanting to focus on.

Another core framework which forms part of the Infrastructure session is Capability.  Identifying the Capability in your business around RED: the back-office functions, BLUE: the revenue generating functions and BLACK: the strategic planning functions will be akin to switching the full beam headlights on your car when you’re driving down a dark country road in winter. You’ll finally be able to see everything clearly, understand which direction you’re heading in and avoid any major potholes or ditches.

During the CIRCLE Programme we’ll take you on a journey which looks at the depth of the capability in your business and allows you to develop strategies, implement them and begin to plan the next phase of growth in a clear, conscious way.  You might even spot an additional commercial opportunity you can leverage to accelerate growth.

Being a business owner or leader can be a lonely and confusing position to hold.  Working with fourteen other business leaders over six months on the CIRCLE Programme will not only bring you clarity, direction, but friendships too that will hopefully last throughout your business career.  Who knows, you might win some business with your fellow cohorts on the programme.

Details of the CIRCLE Programme can be found at https://www.shirlawsgroup.com/events or email the Programme Director, Rebecca Bonnington rebecca.bonnington@shirlawsgroup.com or call her directly on 07734 934084

We have already sold one third of places on this year’s cohort, so act now to avoid disappointment.

Rebecca Bonnington