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What Impact Does Your Behaviour Have on Your Business?

Rebecca Bonnington

What Impact Does Your Behaviour Have on Your Business?


What kind of leader are you?  How do you feel your leadership performance is affecting your business?  Any leader who is serious about growing their business will be asking themselves these questions almost every day because the way a business is led has a direct impact on the bottom line.

And yet….

Leaders are human beings, subject to the ups and downs of mood, weather, relationships, even the change in the seasons!  If you’re running a business or a function and you have a bad morning or a terrible night’s sleep, this impacts on your mood throughout the day.  And, let me tell you, your mood directly affects the productivity of your team.

During Session Five, you will uncover some key leadership qualities within yourself using the Shirlaws Compass platform indicators: Entrepreneur Leader Manager and Think Feel Know.

Both of these have been designed specifically by Shirlaws for business leaders.  Unlike most behavioural profiles, the Entrepreneur Leader Manager (ELM) Profile tool relates to business behaviour only.  Think Feel Know (TFK) relates to how you communicate within the business as well as outside of the business.

Your communication style will be explored, and you will be given tools to adjust, adapt and be flexible where required.  You’ll also gain an understanding of how you come across to your teams and what kind of impact your communication style may have with different types of people.

You’ll also gain insights into where you fit best within the business.  What are your key strengths around leading, managing and entrepreneurship.  The obstacles you may have been facing due to your preferences will become clear and you’ll be able to adjust your focus of attention accordingly.

This information is gold dust.  It shines a light upon the dark corners of leadership that will enable you to leap forward in your personal leadership growth journey and ultimately make you a better leader for your business or department.

Details of The CIRCLE Programme can be found at https://www.shirlawsgroup.com/Events or email the Programme Director, Rebecca Bonnington rebecca.bonnington@shirlawsgroup.com or call her directly on 07734 934084

Rebecca Bonnington