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Innovation … more than just a big idea?

Just like proliferation of the word ‘designer’ in the 80s – from designer jeans to designer haircuts and designer sunglasses – the word ‘innovation’ has been over-used by the media, politicians and consultants alike.

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Increasing valuation through brand architecture

Every business owner knows that brand is important. But if you ask 10 people to define ‘brand’, you’ll get 10 different answers – and very few will explain how brand increases valuation.

Time to energise your business by refreshing its brand

Few businesses can thrive while standing still. Many businesses have found innovation difficult during the recession. Now that the economy is recovering, it’s time to move forward again. Refreshing the company’s brand is a great place to start.

Innovation and you, the CEO: five pillars for business growth

When we discuss business issues with any group of CEOs, the conversation usually turns to growth. Leaders often ask us, ‘How can I ensure my business evolves effectively?’

Innovate the CEO, innovate the businness

When everyone is so focused on the next product innovation, it’s unlikely that anyone is even considering how to innovate the brains in the boardroom.

Using assets to increase business valuation

Most people planning to sell a business are aiming for the best possible price. But how to make sure that happens?

Product Focus


A business can grow rapidly and then get stuck at the same level… It’s only then that an owner realises that they need to change their focus. Sometimes it can take years before the profitable penny drops.