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Why coaching works…

I was watching a TED talk by Judson Brewer this morning. In the presentation, Judson describes how by making you aware of your autopilot decisions (i.e. your unconscious choices) you can correct your habits in a lasting and sustainable way.

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Product. What do you do? Are we all doomed?

Is your product what you do?

Shirology, what is it?

Shirology. The study of the techniques, practices and methods championed by Shirlaws in developing value in business and society.

What’s your value?

In 2012, I resigned from my first project in the social enterprise/non-profit sector. I had spent the previous four years working on an outfit called Childreach International. I’d had fantastic success in my role as a Director, but I actually believe leaving was the first act of true leadership in my career.

How to do yourself out of a job

How to do yourself out of a job. It’s a catch-phrase. Like many bloggers, I like to choose catchy lines like this to grab the reader’s attention. It helps what I’ve got to say come out of the background noise and make it sound more interesting.

You only have one resource….

How many resources do you think you currently have available to you? Many of us could probably list a couple of things; those with successful businesses might be able to make a big list. I’d like to pose the thought today however that all our resources are completely relative, with one exception.

Product Focus


A business can grow rapidly and then get stuck at the same level… It’s only then that an owner realises that they need to change their focus. Sometimes it can take years before the profitable penny drops.