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A suite of people-performance tools
created for business people by business people
to effectively navigate their business journey

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Compass indicators help align businesses and individuals using communication based, online assessments. Utilising behavioural indicators for competency mapping helps CEOs to restructure their business, HR teams to recruit people with the right skillsets and provide individuals with an understanding of how their behaviours impact on their professional and personal lives.





Compass for business

From recruitment to understanding team dynamics and enabling effective learning, Compass indicators bring insight on both a personal and team level.
Utilising behavioural indicators for competancy mapping will enable you to get the most from your colleagues.

Compass for personal growth

Compass indicators provide clarity around career goals, understanding of how others interact with your behavioural type and insight into strengths and weaknesses offering the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Developed by Shirlaws, the Compass suite of indicators have been designed to help people and businesses make better business decisions and be more effective. By describing fundamental behaviours in a management/business context and mapping and understanding individual aptitudes, the tools can help you navigate individual career paths and help businesses to be more efficient by placing people with the right skill sets in the right roles.

Unlike many of the profiling tools on the market Compass indicators are designed to be behavioural tools not personality profiles. With Compass you:

Get the know-how to be a more effective communicator
Understand your role in your management team and organisation
Get clarity on why you make the business decisions you do
Unlock your performance and have the energy to deliver your ambitions

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“Businesses that embrace the four indicators benefit from a clear and more productive strategy.”
Nigel Hartley, Shirlaws USA
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