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Navigating Change in Uncertain Times

We are helping businesses build resilience, agility and speed in these uncertain times, through a series of insights, workshops and market expertise from our consulting network.



Change is the only constant

As a business owner and leader, have you ever found yourself asking any of these questions:

  • Are we agile in our approach to change?
  • What is our orientation to change?
  • What is our relationship to change?

If so you are not alone. The saying “there is nothing more constant than change” has rung true since 535 BC when Heraclitus first said it. However, today we are facing unprecedented levels of change. Every business is being impacted by economic, socio-cultural, technological and political changes at a pace that has not occurred before.

Since 1999, Shirlaws Group has been working in the SME market, supporting over 7,000 companies in 34 different territories through their journey to grow, fund or exit their businesses. Based on our global experience and understanding of the current status of the market, we will be sharing our insights via blogs, podcasts, workshops and events through our Navigating Change in Uncertain Times Campaign.


In May 2017, we hosted a conference, Leading People and Culture in Uncertain Times, addressing an underlying mood we found in the market and reflected in our clients. The conference engaged in practical and collaborative discussions, reviewed case studies and explored what it means to navigate and lead people to success in an ever-evolving cultural and economic landscape.

Research and feedback in the months after the conference revealed and confirmed there was an opportunity for us to continue to provide insights and new thinking to support our clients and anyone who is looking for support in these uncertain times, and ever increasing uncertain times. This has led us to initiate a campaign – Navigating Change in Uncertain Times.

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Changing our approach to change

Through conversations with partners we have seen that the incredible pace at which changes are taking place across every landscape can leave some business owners/leaders feeling nervous and stuck in uncertainty, resulting in a loss of confidence in decision-making and investment choices. For others, this uncertainty is viewed as an opportunity and they are looking for assistance as they determine how to seize the opportunities that are presented.

Regardless of which perspective is taken, through this campaign our intention is to provide insightful, thought-provoking and practical tools and techniques that will demonstrate how to be agile, resilient and adaptable as you navigate and embrace the changes occurring around you.

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